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A Quantum Leap Beyond Reiki

About Laurie Grant

This is a New Age - Laurie's Mission:

To Awaken the Divine in ALL of us. Divine One - Divine ALL 'They may call me The Divine One, but I am no different than you. I am still human, as we all are, with my own lessons to learn. Having the gift to share The Divine with you is merely an opportunity to reflect that which is you and to help you, too, see yourself as One with The Divine. I love you. We are One.' Laurie

Solving the Mystery of Enlightenment

Laurie has been called The Chosen One by Native Hawaiin Ku Kahuna Lokahi, and The Divine One by many. She has been made Head Kahuna of her Order, and has been recognized from Hawaiian Prophesy as 'The Fair Haired Wahine that would carry on the Healing Traditions of Ancient Hawaiian times when only love and peace existed and when what was known as 'The Rainbow Family' with their translucent bodies still walked the Earth.

'The Rainbow Family, it is said, is comprised of people from all races and walks of life who remember the ancient wisdom found in all cultures and actively use it to perpetuate harmony and wholeness in the world around them. It has been prophesied that there will come a time when those who are related through the rainbow will teach these ancient wisdoms to those who have forgotten' from Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom.

Divine One, Laurie Grant, brings us these Ancient Tools of Enlightenment and Ancient Rainbow Wisdoms from a time when we all knew we were One, from a time when only Peace and Love existed. In nothing less than a miracle when Laurie rediscovered these Ancient Rainbow teachings, she made a promise to honor her commitment from thousands of years ago to be The Divine One and to bring them back. With her mission to Awaken the Divine in All, we are all blessed with the opportunity to rediscover these Ancient Wisdoms and experience Wholeness and Oneness for ourselves.

A great opportunity for Spiritual Growth and New Age Enlightenment and Spirituality