Arch Healing
A Quantum Leap Beyond Reiki

Student Quotes

ARCH is phenomenal. It's my second time to take it and I can't wait for more! Looking forward to all the extra classes to come. Laurie is the most remarkable teacher. Love pours out of her ... it's just a joy to be around her. Great sense of humor, and great stories as well!

Rebecca, MD

You are a wonderful teacher. I love that you always, whether it's Reiki or ARCH, make it about the information, not about you. That kind of humility is refreshing in this 'guru' seeking world ....The truths of ARCH are far beyond what I had expected, and knowing you from your Reiki class, I expected a lot!

Janis, NY

Every time I do an ARCH healing I feel like I am touching the skirt of the Divine.

Sharon, OR

Techniques are new, easy to apply, and getting an ARCH treatment was like chicken soup for the chakras. Delicious.

Douglas, CO